иконка глаза

Мanifest DADA BASE

Fashion in its embodiment and orientation depends on the era in which it is born, and fashion people are the creation of the ego of the era. High fashion will be one that reflects the myriad issues of the times, bearing the traces of the shocks of last week. The best designers will be those who are obsessed with the intelligence of time, whose hands and hearts create. Order = disorder, ego = not ego, affirmation = denial.

“DADA BASE" symbolizes a raw attitude towards reality, together with us a new reality comes into its own. “DADA BASE" indicates the inclusivity of the movement, which is not bound by religions, boarders, gender, age or culture. Here, everyone can have a say when it comes to style.

To be a Dadaist is to be an opponent of salt deposits. To sit only for a moment on a chair means to endanger life. We want to commit our own follies, follow our own rhythm. We say YES to a fashion that strives to become sublime through negation!